The case for therapy…

Today is not yesterday. It might feel like it though…you may be feeling like days have been blending together since we have been immersed in a global pandemic you may feel like everyday is the same. On the other hand you may feel like each day has been so drastically different that you crave normalcy and consistency. It is possible that watching the news has caused you anguish that you have never experienced before. Maybe you have considered therapy or coaching in the past to better yourself but you never got around to it but you are seeing the value of reaching out now because you do not know how to handle the day to day on your own anymore? My point is that when someone seeks out therapy there could be a variety of reasons for looking into professional help. Your reason is important to me. Your reason is the most important to you. Your reason is valid. Let me know if you need a hand because when you reach out…I reach right back.

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